About Us

Wallace is a startup with a vision for the future, where humanity continues to explore new frontiers and establish communities to live, collaborate, and create. To do that, we're creating the technologies to build the most compelling cities of the 21st century.

What are we building?

We're developing technologies to build (and rebuild) cities. We believe that maximising happiness, collaboration, and creation is key to maintaining the heart of our communities. That's why our flagship product is a home: the very first touchpoint for establishing our wellbeing, and where we begin to expand our lives; also the vital pillar for building great communities.

It begins with home

With the Eva housing range, we're striving to set a new benchmark of liveability and rapid construction. Proudly built in our factory, every Eva is equipped with a native home assistant system called Eva Sense, and an at-home health monitoring system called Biolink, which helps to look after you and your family.

Empowered integration

While technologies currently exist to house, feed, heat/cool, and employ people, it's a seamless integration of all those technologies that we believe makes a powerful difference, ultimately improving people's quality of life by driving down the cost of living.

An all-rounded solution

All this plays into the city ecosystem we're building at Wallace, which will allow us to rapidly transform land into self-sustaining cities anywhere on Earth (or beyond)! To craft this ecosystem, we're also developing products to address inefficiencies in food production, employment, renewable energy production/consumption, and urban planning.