Modular buildings, while versatile, do not harness the full benefits of being factory-built. Modules must often still be custom-built to meet client specifications and optimise site coverage, then transported, assembled, and finished on-site. Eva can be mass-manufactured and fully finished in our factory, its entire structure transportable by a single standard-sized trailer. Once on-site, the house can configure and customise itself to client specifications and/or to maximise site coverage. The current standard of many modular builds at Eva’s lower price point also leave much to be desired in the way of quality. For us, it was important that we didn’t compromise quality for price at any point in the process—each Eva is crafted with premium quality materials.
Eva is designed to be built and installed in weeks, saving on many months of holding costs associated with traditional building. One of our goals is to create affordable housing and to do this, we need to build in factories. As we improve and refine our building process, our prices will come down so much, people will wonder how buildings weren’t always done like this.
An Eva is fully built and finished in our factory in 5 weeks. An additional 5 weeks is required to deliver, commission, and install the build.
Morph is a function that enables your Eva to expand from its transportable nesting position. When you order an Eva, a Wallace installation expert will set the Morph settings to your determined size configuration and help you install your home on-site. Morph essentially gives you the versatility to expand or contract your Eva depending on your needs (with local council permitting the changes)—making renovation the easiest it’s ever been. Requests for Morph can be made via the Rise app and must be approved by Wallace and your local council before being executed.
When we built Eva to be expandable, we also enabled it to contract back to its original nesting size. We designed Evas to be easily upgraded when a newer model arrives or your land use changes, with owners being able to sell their Eva secondhand through Wallace, much the same as you would your car now.
The Eva home is eligible for an accelerated depreciation schedule with the ATO, which means you may be able to obtain higher tax savings as a property investor.
The first Eva model prototype is currently in production, to be completed by Feb 2022. Customers will be able to book overnight stays in an Eva by mid-2022. If you are a developer interested in ordering an Eva(s), feel free to reach out to us to talk and/or arrange a visit to our factory and see an Eva before you order.
The starting price for a single-storey Eva is AUD250,000. For a double-storey Eva, the starting price is AUD300,000. Depending on the additional customisations and services you’d like to include in your home purchase package, these figures may vary.
Please get in touch with us about ordering and purchasing an Eva.