Designed and manufactured by Wallace in Melbourne, Eva is our solution to housing.

A smart home that grows with you.

Smart, sustainable living

Eva is the smart home of the future. Designed around its occupant, and crafted with sustainable principles, it features bespoke technology by Wallace that empowers your daily living with greater comfort, relaxation, and fun.

Eva Sense

Each Eva comes with Eva Sense, the smart home assistant that helps you take charge and maximise the way you live in your home. Synced to your smartphone, and integrated with voice & gesture controlled capabilities, Eva Sense makes everything from locking the door, to changing your room's mood lighting as effortless as a few taps of your screen.


With Morph technology, Eva collapses down to its nested form, transported on a trailer to your site of choice, then expands on-site to the exact dimensions you need. Eva is a versatile home that can grow with you, literally transforming to keep pace with the evolving needs of your family & lifestyle.

Experience a new standard of smart living with Eva Sense.

Ease & Entertainment

Eva Sense makes home living seamlessly easy. Using its own mobile app and built-in smart recognition software, you can pilot your Eva with simple voice commands or the tap of a hand. Control everything from doors and security, to lights, entertainment, and

speakers, from any room. Every Eva also features ScreenWall, a multi-purpose entertainment screen that integrates with popular apps like Spotify and Netflix. It also acts as your Eva's master control panel, ensuring tactile and manual commands are always within easy reach.

Up to 81%

shortened build time1

7 stars

NatHERS Energy Rating

Manufacturable as a complete structure with an expandable internal area

A standard Eva is configured at a base-size of 69m², however based on individual requirements, can be configured and interlinked to create a larger internal area.

We've designed Eva this way so it can Morph down to a trailer-transportable size for easy travel from our factory to any installation site. Once on-site, it will be able to maximise space coverage based on each site's unique constraints, as well as be stack-compatible with multiple Evas to create two or three level dwellings.

1An Eva can be built and installed in 4 weeks, compared to the 52 weeks required for conventional homes [realestate.com.au, Oct 2021]
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