Beta 0.1 is now live

A next-generation urban planning tool engineered to open the doors of property development to all.

Launch developments from your armchair at home.


Urban planning, redefined

Redefine the limits of development with Rise, an intuitive all-in-one urban planning tool for novice and professional developers. By automating many of the complex processes involved in property development, Rise cuts down significantly on development costs and time, adds value to your process, and makes development accessible for more people.

Powered by rich data

Work with a frequently updated and broad range of government and market data sets within Rise to obtain analyses on criteria such as property types, property boundaries, price, land size, and more.


Our Model

Rise is built to intelligently evaluate and develop Eva communities. Work with AI to compare sites, calculate ROIs, and obtain accurate auto-generated feasibility studies, optimising your site proposals, and significantly reducing the time taken from feasibility to acquisition to site planning.